Launched in 1992, Blake Stevenson is proud to celebrate over two decades of working with  organisations to improve the lives of people and communities.

A core team of nine consultants is led by Directors, Jennifer Lambert and Onyema Ibe. Between them, our team has many years’ expertise in supporting organisations and communities, and each consultant brings valuable insights from experience of working within the sectors we support.

We have built a reputation on quality and all our staff are committed to the highest professional standards.

Associates with specialist areas of expertise work alongside the core staff, providing added value to our research, insight and analysis.

The history behind our name

We are often asked who are ‘Blake’ and ‘Stevenson’?  They are not, in fact, employees, (nor have they ever been), but they have had a great influence on our activity and working values!

Our name actually derives from two Edinburgh-based women, Sophia Jex-Blake and Flora Stevenson who were pioneers in health, social care and education. They were passionate about creating a fairer society, where everyone would have the opportunity to reach their potential – ideals which underpin our work today.


Fronted a long campaign to open the medical profession to women in Great Britain. She became Scotland’s first female doctor and subsequently founded a medical school for women and a women’s hospital in Edinburgh. (Photo by permission of the Royal Free Charity)
Was a Scottish social reformer with a special interest in education for poor or neglected children, and in education for girls. She was one of the first women in the United Kingdom to be elected to a School Board.