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Health and wellbeing

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We work with an array of organisations involved with improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of communities and individuals.

This work can range from supporting the NHS to evaluate the impact of national and local programmes, to helping voluntary sector organisations assess the effectiveness of their programmes and projects.

Some of our recent work includes:

Community safety and development

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Community safety

A number of organisations that we work with are involved in safeguarding communities, ranging from national and local government programmes, to grassroots projects that aim to improve safety and other key local community outcomes.

We are experienced in providing research, evaluation and developmental support to all types of organisations involved in improving community safety. We are also currently on the research and evaluation frameworks for both the Scottish Government Community Safety Unit and Scottish Prison Service.

Other examples of our work include:


Community development

Sometimes communities need support as they look to strengthen their approaches to social, economic or environmental development. We have experience of working alongside communities to help them prioritise work, providing sensitive and impartial facilitation of consultation events or reviewing the impact of initiatives.  

Some of our recent work includes supporting four local authorities and their partners to develop, evaluate and strengthen their LEADER programmes and develop strategies for the new LEADER programme (2014-2020). This has also involved assisting other rural economic development initiatives, including developing a local LEADER development strategy for fisheries through consultation.

Children and young people

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Our research and consultancy frequently focuses on work aiming to improve life chances and supporting young people to achieve their potential.

We work across diverse age groups and life stages within this theme, ranging from early years, through primary schools and secondary schools, to diversionary and employment focused programmes.

Some of our recent work includes:



Employment and skills

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Employability has been one of our areas of expertise and interest since we were first set up over 20 years ago, and we continue to be one of the go-to companies for support in this field. We have significant experience of evaluating employability programmes across the public and third sectors, at both local and national level, developing employability strategies for local areas, and undertaking research to inform programme design.

Some of our recent work includes:

Social and financial inclusion

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A large number of the organisations we work with aim to improve the social and financial welfare of specific groups or communities. This sector is growing rapidly, partly due to recent legislative and policy changes.

We have experience in supporting both public and voluntary sector organisations to respond to increased demand for services, implement new programmes and evaluate the impact of their work. We are also currently appointed as a contractor on the Wheatley Group’s Consultancy Services Framework.

Some of our work includes:

Arts, culture and sport

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Arts, culture and sport form a major part of the public and voluntary landscape, supporting communities to be stronger and healthier and creating large numbers of employment and voluntary opportunities.

We have expertise in supporting organisations working in these sectors with bespoke research, analysis and evaluation.

Some of our recent work includes: